Science, Meaning & Spirituality

The Epicurean insistence on grounding ethics in secure knowledge about the natural world has important implications for PP 2.0 models of moral psychology.


Epicurus & Positive Psychology

Some reflections on what Epicureanism has to offer Positive Psychology Epicurus is a salutary reminder for positive psychologists that Aristotle is not the only game in town when it comes to virtue ethics. He asks us to think more deeply about the nature and source of emotions, as well as the relationship between our moral […]

Epicurus Week?

Epicureanism: A Testable Hypothesis? A key difference between ancient Epicureanism and modern psychological therapies is testability. It may transpire that Epicurus’ ideas turn out to be just that – ideas. Is the theoretical framework supported by evidence? Can empirical results be found to support it? Since 2012, a team consisting of academics and psychotherapists working under […]